Kate's ex husband, Jackson realizes L.A will be destroyed, as a man he met inYellowstone predicted it, and Jackson is on his way to pick up his family and save them from dying in the destruction happening in a second. Kate doesn't believe Jackson. Suddenly, the house shakes. The family hide under the table as parts of upstairs fall down. Jackson runs in and gets his family into the car. They escape their house just in time! Lilly's door gets ripped off, and Kate's boyfriend, Gordon's Car is destroyed as well. Jackson drives them out of the Neighborhood, as a Massive Earthquake causes the Earth's Crust to Destroy everything, including they're House. The Crust then started to move like Waves, and Jackson steps on it. They are then stuck behind Two Old Ladies, who are driving very Slow. Jackson decides to Cut through some yards, as Lilly watches the Old Women die in the Earthquake. They make it into the City, but the car is covered in Gasoline, blocking Jackson's vision. He eventually wipes it away, and sees building falling and Crashing. Jackson tells Gordon they must make it to the Santa Monica Aiport, and Gordon suggests the Freeway, which imediatly Falls.The Highway throws a bunch of Cars onto the Road, making it hard for Jackson to Drive. They almost fall into a Pit, but Jackson drifts them away at the last Second. The Highway collapses completely, and almost Crushes them. a tall Skyscraper starts falling, and Jackson drives through it, finding out it's a Parking Garage. He exits out of the Window on the other side, and arrives at the Airport. After finding out the Pilot is dead, Kate forces Gordon to fly them out of L.a, as the City falls into the Earth. A Subway train explodes, forcing thee Plane up. Gordon flies inbetween two falling buildings, and almost dies. They eventually make it out as L.A slides into the Ocean.