Dr. Helmsley at Yellowstone

Dr. Adrian Helmsley is the secondary protagonist of 2012. He is a geologist and the Chief Science Adviser to the late President Thomas Wilson and son of Harry Helmsley. He soon later starts a relationship with Laura Wilson, an art expert and the First Daughter of President Wilson. He is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. He is 32 years old.

Adrian is a survivor of the 2012 apocalypse.

Bio Edit

In 2009, Adrian Helmsley is seen reading a book in a taxi while visiting his friend Dr. Satnam Tsurtani an astrophysicist at Naga Deng Cooper Mine in Nampan India. He warns the driver about Satnam's son who is playing with a toy boat and nearly runs over the toy. After saying hello to Satnam and his family, Satnam takes Adrian down to a lab beneath the ground of 11 thousand feet as it used to be one of the biggest copper mines in the world. Satnam shows Adrian a video of the Sun unleashing a massive solar flare with an exponential amount of neutrinos and for the first time, the neutrinos were causing a physical reaction which makes Adrian stunned and confused. Satnam shows Adrian a watertight which goes another six thousand feet and the neutrinos were coming from the Sun and have mutated into a new kind of nuclear particle. The neutrinos are heating up the Earth's core and Adrian looks down into the watertight, shocked after learning everything from Satnam.

Adrian flies to Washington DC to inform Chief of Staff Carl Anheuser about the news he and Satnam discovered. With the help of his friend Scotty (who let him borrow his jacket to enter into a black tie party), he shows Anheuser the paper about the neutrinos heating up the Earth's core and this will cause a chain of natural disasters. Anheuser is stunned when he learns about the news and takes Adrian to meet President Thomas Wilson to inform him about the news.

2012 year Edit

In 2012, Adrian is seen in the President's room talking about the upcoming apocalypse and Anheuser is informing Wilson that Adrian is flying to Yellowstone National Park to collect more data. As soon as Adrian tells Wilson that he was wrong about the apocalypse which he thinks it is not going to happen, Laura Wilson comes into the room and tells her father about the news of Roland Picard's death. Adrian stares at her before he and Anheuser left the room to continue their jobs. Adrian then leaves for Yellowstone to collect more data.

In Yellowstone, Adrian is talking to Professor Frederick West about some scientific news around Yellowstone before being informed that a family has passed the restricted fence. Adrian goes to take care of the family, he discovers that it is Jackson Curtis who is the author of Farewell Atlantis and Adrian is a fan of. After greeting, Jackson and his two kids Noah and Lilly, Adrian goes to talk to Satnam on webcam who tells that that they thought they were wrong about the end of the world, but they were not as the Earth's crust is destabilising, which stuns Adrian and Professor West that the apocalypse IS going to happen. Adrian watches as Jackson and his kids leave before flying back to DC.

In DC, Adrian tells the national leaders around the world that the subterranean crust which holds the Earth's landmass in place is increasing a rate much faster than anticipated. Adrian informs that they only have three days left before the apocalypse begins on December 21st 2012. President Wilson recommends that they evacuate at once.

2012 apocalypse Edit

On December 21st 2012, Adrian is informed by Scotty and Professor West that a record 10.9 earthquake is striking the whole California state and that the sister faults are shifting in the bay area and the whole Pacific Plate is destabilizing (which was making the entire California state to sink into the Pacific Ocean).

Later on, Adrian speaks to his father Harry Helmsley who is on board the Genesis ship to Japan and informs him that the apocalypse is happening. They both share a tearful and sensitive moment before hanging up on the phone.

Adrian then heads to bring Anheuser to show another earthquake striking South America and chaos breaking in London and people around the globe are gathering in public places in desperate prayer on live TV. While Adrian and Anheuser talk about that the rest of the public have the right to fight for their lives at the best way they can and that a massive panic will be caused if they told them about the end of the world. Professor West comes to inform them that the Yellowstone Caldera has erupted and the ash cloud will hit Washington in seven hours. While looking for President Wilson who is in the church praying, while the rest of the staff heads to board Air Force One to get to the arks, Wilson talks to Adrian that he chooses to stay in DC to form the nation one last time and tells him that he used to have a wife named Dorothy.

Adrian then boards Air Force One, as all the staff were on board and says that the President is not coming and Anheuser reveals that the Vice President is dead and the Speaker of the White House is missing and he becomes the acting President as he is not in the line of succession. After taking off, all they watch on the screen was President Wilson filming the nation one last time.

Adrian goes to see Laura and they talked about the people they left behind and they don't stand a chance, he shows a copy of Jackson Curtis' book Farewell Atlantis and the staff then reports Adrian to come to the computer room as they have recorded more disasters around the world. Adrian comes back to see a 9.4 hitting the capital of USA and even seeing that the Earth's crust has finally begun to shift more than a thousand miles and after the moving landmasses comes to a halt, gigantic megatsunamis formed by the corresponding quakes are going to flood the entire planet and turn it into a Waterworld. Adrian finds that more tsunamis are going to strike the Japanese seaboard and it will capsize the Genesis.

Adrian and Anheuser discover that the tsunamis will flood the Cho Ming area within six hours and the crust has shifted by 23 degrees to the South West and the Earth's poles have reversed their magnetic fields and Wisconsin is now the North Pole and the South Pole is now somewhere in the Indian Ocean, while Professor West says that Wisconsin is the South Pole, which confuses Adrian and Anheuser.

After they landed in China, they begin to board the American Ark, as soon they saw Ark 3 where it is blocked after the roof collapsed during the shifting of the Earth's crust. Adrian was put into a room on the Ark but is unimpressed that they should fit 10 people in the room and his phone rings where Satnam says to him that a gigantic tsunami is coming from the East and they have never got picked up and Satnam is soon killed along with his family. Shocked by his friend's death, Adrian goes to find out where the tsunami is going to hit within minutes and Anheuser orders the arks to be ready for the drift of.

Adrian, Laura and Professor West see all the survivors are frantically wanting to get onto the Arks while some of them are falling off the ledge. Adrian then gives a speech to the other two Arks about saying that they cannot let the survivors die, but instead, have the rest of civilization die in vain instead of starting their future with an act of cruelty. The people on the Arks decided to let the survivors come aboard the Arks and that they cannot leave them to die.

Right after bringing all of the survivors on board the Ark, the gate's hydraulics were jammed by something and they have a breach in the Zoological Bay. As they zoom in, Adrian sees Noah and Lilly which he knows and seeing Jackson Curtis helping Tenzin get into the next bay. They see that Tenzin is injured while he and his family along with the Curtis family have stowed away on the Ark in order to survive. Adrian, Laura and an ark staff went off to the Zoological Bay to inform Jackson about the jammed hydraulics.

After the gigantic tsunami flooded Asia and Air Force One hit one of the Ark's anchors which sets the Ark off course, Adrian, Laura, and the Ark staff arrive at the Zoological Bay where they find Lilly and Caesar screaming for Tamara (who drowns in the flooding chamber). They managed to speak to Jackson and inform about the hydraulics being jammed by an Impact Driver and that if they don't get it out, they will collide with Mount Everest. Jackson and Noah managed to get the drill out of the gears and they escape death just in time. They all thought that Jackson had drowned, but he managed to get out.

Aftermath Edit

When the global floodwaters from the tsunamis recede, the entire African continent had risen up the sea level and the Drakensberg Mountains are now the tallest in the world. Adrian then starts a relationship with Laura as the three arks set sail for the Cape of Good Hope.

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Adrian Helmsley was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.