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"I didn't think it was possible -- not in the time we had."

- Carl Anheuser

The Arks were created to help preserve as much history of the world, humans, and animals from the catastrophic events that were about to occur. They were built in the Cho Ming Valley near the newly-built megacity in secret where thousands of locals were recruited (mostly by force) to build the Arks. The cost to go on the Arks were 1 billion euros per person, even for poor and homeless people but permission is required before getting on. Geneticists chose people from all over to world to provide for the genetic diversity the human race would need to repopulate. Workers did not get passes for the Ark, but later in the movie, the heads of state wanted to open the gates for the people they were planning to leave behind. The only known animals that were on the arks were giraffes, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, cows, and bears.

Captain Michaels was the captain of Ark Number 4.  When the dam that holds the Arks appears throughout the film, you can see that there are nine docking stations for the Arks. It is then implied that there are nine arks. Curtis's family, Tenzin's family, and Tamara are locked in the mechanical rooms and shafts of Ark No. 4, due to a malfunction with the Ark's computer and systems. Ark No. 3 was damaged by a roof collapse and was therefore permanently shut down, potentially leaving thousands stranded. Only 3 Arks were completed, with Captain Michaels stating, "[Ark No. 4]'s sister ships, Ark No. 6 and 7, have found us and are now on our course." It is possible that each Ark was built for each of the 9 most powerful nations in the world, as on three of the Arks, the European Union and American flags can be seen.

Notable Arks:

Ark 1: China. Construction was delayed for 2 straight years due to lack of manpower and was only seen as incomplete when Adrian, Carl Anheuser, and the others passed by on the way to Ark 4

Ark 2: Russia. Was seen on Ark 3's left side and was almost completed before the tidal wave hit

Ark 3: United States. Damaged by a roof collapse during a strong earthquake. Boarding at that time was delayed, but was permanently shut down when an angry mob led by Yuri broke through the glass doors and headed straight for Ark 4.

Ark 4: United States: The vessel that carried the acting Commander-In-Chief, Adrian Helmsley, and the daughter of deceased President Thomas Wilson alongside Jackson and his family, the Karpov twins, and the monk family. Was among the first 3 arks completed first before the tragedy struck. Broke free and away from Mount Everest and the submerged Himalayas.

Ark 5: Japan. Never built in the first place, with an empty bay with the #5 on it since the first thing to be built was the dam.

Ark 6: Europe, Africa. Completed and rejoined Arks 4 and 7. Carried the Queen and Prime Minister of England, President and Chancellor of Germany. Even though there was a small African contingent, the flags were Eurasian.

Ark 7: Asia and the Pacific. Not much is known

Ark 8: Never built.

Ark 9

List of people on board the arks Edit

Passengers and Crew
Ark 2012

Ark 2012

Notes Edit

Other reasons include that the other Arks...:

  • Lost contact with Ark No. 4
  • Set a different course
  • Might have been destroyed in the chaos of colliding with Mt. Everest
  • Never left the dam
  • Were never actually built in the first place, given there was so little time to build them
  • At 1 hour 48 minutes and 7 seconds you can count the number of ark positions as nine ships. And at 2 hours 1 minute 33 seconds the Ark 4 communications officer connects Dr. Helmsley to the other ships through a console that shows nine ship references.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, it would take a massive amount of money and materials to build one Ark of the size they were, let alone multiple Arks.
  • Only three arks managed to survive the apocalypse while the other ones were either destroyed due to earth's crust or still under construction.
  • It can be assumed that the people and some animals even treasures inside the arks are the only survivors of the 2012 event.