Carl Anheuser
Draft lens6231052module49485762photo 1249151914Carl Anheuser
Gender Male
Age 49
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Home Washington DC
Portrayed by Oliver Platt
Status Alive
First appearance 2012 (film)
Carl Anheuser is the main antagonist of 2012. He was the Chief of Staff to the late President Thomas Wilson. He was shown to be strict and determined for things to be done right. He was the chief organizer of the American side of the Ark project and had personally authorized most of the dastardly deeds that had to do with keeping the Ark Project a secret.

With the Vice President dead and the Speaker of the House missing, and with others in the line of succession unaccounted for, Carl Anheuser appoints himself the acting commander-in-chief. His relationship with Adrian Helmsley is difficult but he often teases him just for the goof of it.

Events of 2012 Edit

Carl doesn't want to let the remaining passengers onto the ship but Adrian Helmsley convinces the governments of the world otherwise. Although this seems good, it also results in the death of Gordon Silberman.

After escaping the flooded Himalayas the ship heads for the Cape of Good Hope.