People and Their OccupationEdit

  • Jackson Curtis - Writer and Limo Driver
  • Kate Curtis - Medical Student
  • Noah Curtis - Son of Kate and Jackson
  • Lilly Curtis - Daughter of Kate and Jackson
  • Dr Adrian Helmsley - Geogley and Scientific Advisor to the President of the USA
  • Dr Laura Wilson - First Daughter of the USA and Art Expert
  • Carl Anheuser - United States President Cheif of Staff and Acting President
  • The Droid President of the United States
  • Alec and Oleg Karpov - Sons of Yuri Karpov
  • Tenzin - Chinese Worker on the Arks
  • Nima - Tenzin's Brother and Monk
  • Tenzin and Nima's Grandparents
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip - Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwelth and The Duke of Edinbrugh with their Corgis
  • Sergey Makarenko - President of Russia
  • Captain Michaels - Captain of Ark 4
  • German Chancellor
  • Chinese Premier
  • Spanish Prime Minister
  • Canadian Prime Minister
  • French President
  • Japanese Prime Minister
  • British Prime Minister
  • Professer West - White House Scientist
  • Scotty - White House Scientist
  • Saudi Prince and his Family

Thousands of Others Boarded but their name and job is unknown.