Los Angeles Earthquake


December 21st, 2012


Morning hours




The Curtis Family, Gordon Silberman, Alec and Oleg Karpov, Sasha


Everyone in the LA area


Los Angeles slides into the Pacific Ocean after being hit by the earthquake

The Los Angeles Earthquake was a 10.9 magnitude earthquake, which killed everyone in the area except for the Curtis family and Gordon Silberman. The earthquake starts violently as Kate, Noah, Lilly and Gordon are having breakfast. Jackson leads his family out of the house, and they drive off, behind them the streets crumbling. The Curtis family escape on a private plane just as the earthquake starts taking its full toll.

In the end, the remaining pieces of the ruined lands of California sank into The Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

Background Edit

On December 21st 2012, the day started out as normal as it was very sunny. By that time, the population of the whole state of California was evacuated by the Ark Project's warning system. Shortly after the Ark evacuation of California, seismic activity begins to shake California a little bit.

After Jackson Curtis drops Yuri Karpov's twin sons to the airport, he overhears them that they are going to the arks and they will live and he will die. Jackson realised that they were right and he heard Charlie Frost on the radio saying that the whole state of California will get sunk into the Pacific Ocean, which made Jackson realise that the apocalypse is beginning. He rents a plane, goes back to the Curtis' House to get his family in time before earthquake strikes.

Jackson calls Kate and warns her about California down, but Kate thinks that Jackson is talking crazy and hangs the phone on him.

The Earthquake Strikes Edit

At the time, Jackson got to the household, the earthquake had begun. The entire ground was shaking and everything in buildings start to shake and crumble. Jackson picked his children, his ex-wife and Gordon Silberman up just as the house crumbles into the ground. Jackson sped the limo as the earthquake continues to shake California as the ground erupted up and crumbled into the Earth's crust. As they pass through the city of LA, buildings and signs were falling as they were nearly hit by the Larry's Donuts sign.

As they reach the freeway to get to the airport, a truck carrying fuel was going to fast that it tumbled off the freeway and crashed into a gas station, setting it ablaze. A car park crumbles and sends parked cars falling off, narrowly avoiding Jackson's limo. After narrowly avoiding falling into a crack and nearly being crushed by the collapsing freeway, a falling building was crumbling to the ground. Jackson despite, Noah, Lilly, Kate and Gordon saying to him not to go through the building, heads and drives straight through the building and narrowly gets out before they were crushed.

The City slides into the Pacific Ocean Edit

After narrowly escaping death from collapsing buildings and falling trains, the Curtis family and Gordon managed to escape via boarding a Western Spirit plane. They watch in horror as Los Angeles now had a large canyon created by the earthquake and the city then sinks into the Pacific Ocean.

Casualties from the effects of the Earthquake Edit

  • Meryl
  • Meryl's wife
  • Surfer dude
  • The Government Spokesman Assistants
  • Woman and man escaping from car as The US Bank Tower collapses
  • Man running as US Bank Tower collapses
  • Pilot
  • Two elderly women driving
  • Millions of people living in L.A

Places destroyed in the Earthquake Edit

  • The Curtis Household
  • The US Bank Tower
  • The LA Freeway
  • SMO Santa Monica Airport
  • Petrol Station
  • Several houses in The Curtis neighbourhood
  • Two and One California Plaza
  • Hotel Figure
  • Jackson's apartment
  • The residence of Yuri's children
  • Meryl's apartment complex
  • Remains of the supermarket
  • The entirety of Los Angeles and Pasadena

Gallery Edit

Grobifx 2012 0002 03

The earthquake strikes Los Angeles

Notes Edit

  • Jackson's limousine was destroyed off screen. Since the engine overheated boarding the private plane, it is extremely likely that the limousine's engine exploded when the airport road's collapsed, therefore burning the limousine while it falls.
  • Presumably the Curtis Family, Gordon Silberman, Alec and Oleg Karpov, Sasha were the only survivors of the Los Angeles Earthquake. Although it is possible that others survived if they managed to get on a airplane.

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