Thomas Wilson
Gender Male
Age 63
Race African American
Species Human
Home Washington DC
Portrayed by Danny Glover
Status Deceased
First appearance 2012 (film)
"I'm coming home, Dorothy..."
Thomas F. Wilson, after seeing a megatsunami heading towards the White House.

Thomas F. Wilson was the President of the United States of America and the father of Laura Wilson. Prior to the events of the film, Thomas's wife, Dorothy, died leaving Thomas a widower. President Wilson survived the Large Earthquake that made the Washington Monument Collapse but was killed by a megatsunami that sent the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy crashing into the White House. He is the father of Laura Wilson.

Thomas Wilson was a casualty of the 2012 apocalypse.

Bio Edit

In 2009 after Adrian Helmsley returned from India with information about the disaster in 2012, the president called for a G8 meeting in British Columbia. He told all the heads of state at the meeting about the oncoming disaster. It's unknown if the events of the movie take place during his first or second term, although the fact that he never brings up reelection, or who won the 2012 election, although that would be a moot point, it's assumed that he is most likely in his last term as President.

President Wilson is seen again right after Adrian returns from Yellowstone with some shocking news that the apocalypse is indeed going to happen. President Wilson then recommends that they leave at once and asks the other leaders around the world if they have any objections.

Right after the apocalypse started, President Wilson decided to stay in DC to film the nation one last time but not before as he told Adrian the story that he had a wife and he called his daughter Laura about what he is doing. When the Yellowstone ash cloud hit DC, President Wilson went to find a person whose daughter has been separated when a 9.4 earthquake hits DC, destroying the Washington Monument. President Wilson is last seen when a gigantic megatsunami floods DC, sending the USS John F Kennedy crashing into the White House. It can be assumed that he didn't survive the megatsunami.

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President Wilson attending a video meeting with the G8