The zoology chamber was like a zoo for the animals of the earth.  However the only known zoology chamber was on ark #4 and the only known animals in the ark #4 zoology chamber were 2 giraffes, a gorilla and 2 grizzle bears.  Their were also some bird noises but we didn't see the actual birds.  It is unknown that their were any other types of animals in the zoology chamber.  It is also unknown if they included insects, other types of birds, reptiles and other types of animals.  Before in the film we say helicopters carting African elephants, giraffes and rhinos but what happens to the elephants and rhinos.  Maybe they were put on a different ark or the weren't put on the ark in time do to the fact that the arks were going to be impacted earlier than expected.  Also why was their only 1 gorilla when the other types of animals had 2 of the same type.  It could be that they never found a second gorilla or that it was loaded onto the ark in time.  Later in the film the zoology chamber was flooded because the gate of ark #4 got jammed and didn't shut all the way causing ark #4 to not start their engines also causing the doors to close.  It is unknown what happened to the animals.  The only known surviving animals were the giraffes.  We do not know what happen to the other animals in the zoology chamber when it was flooded.  It is unknown what happened to the water in the zoology chamber.  It could be that the water was never removed or that it was removed.  Everyone except for Tamara and Gordon.  Tamara drowned when she got trapped in the doors and Gordon got crushed by the gates gears.  It is unknown if Tamara's body was ever recovered or how everyone trapped in the zoology chamber escaped.  It could be that a safety team found them or they got themselves out.